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Cargo security, in-transit visibility, continuous chain of custody: aren't these factors worth further consideration? Tracking and tracing of cargo is no longer avoidable, but a necessity. One company in the commercial sector that invests in solutions that provide such visibility is Zenatek.

Having the information of not only the status and location of the cargo, but also more precise data on arrival dates, at destination, is of paramount importance. Cargo remains too unaccounted for in oil exploration deployments, either because of theft or loss, but also, most importantly, due to the delay of entering into the production line as a consequence of improper logistics, which is often overlooked and the domino effect is devastating. Maintaining the visibility of cargo, in real time, from start to finish, no matter how many stakeholders participate in the shipment, is extremely important.

Keep track

The Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS) was designed for strict cost control, in order to develop a tracking and monitoring device, for containers and for assets and machinery, at an affordable price. The ZTS monitors containers and/or assets (machinery and equipment) while in transit around the world, providing real-time information - via GPS/GSM/internet - on possible tampering, temperature variances, location and tracing. The ZTS is a comprehensive service that includes a container tracking device (CTD), which is a one-way-throw away unit. The ZTS does not need to be retrieved at the destination as all the information on the consignment being traced is directly transmitted into the system in real time, with the information available to the client when he/she wants to see it.

The Zenatek system uses GPS to locate the container and transmits the position information, which can be remotely, configured using the GSM communication. Battery life is guaranteed to provide four months of service at one message a day. Wake up intervals, number of positions per message and quantity of messages a day can also be remotely reconfigured, even after the shipment has gone. The device will trigger alarms when temperature of the shipment goes under or over a predetermined threshold, and you will be notified again when the temperature gets back into said threshold. It has a GeoFencing capability, so if the trailer or container is placed or moved to another part of the port, the device will wake up and trigger the corresponding alarm. The ZTS also sends an alert message when the container doors are opened, providing GeoCoded proof of delivery information to the consignee, along with the comfort of knowing that the shipment has reached its destination.

These alerts are sent via the web-based system, designed by Zenatek, through email and SMS to the user's mobile phone. The user can then log in with an encrypted unique password and user ID, and view the position of the container and the nature of the alert. The system pinpoints the position of the tracking devices to within a few meters anywhere in the world by using a multiple mapping solution via a web-based tracking portal.

Time saving

In less than a few minutes, the container tracking device is attached at the container's loading moment, to the doors via two powerful magnets. No tools are needed for installation, including the universal plate adaptor for aluminum containers or reefers. Once the shipment has gone, real-time data on-the-go is available, from the first moment of activation.

When compared with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies - the use of which requires the acquisition of a costly infrastructure of porticos and hardware; fixed sites and handheld transceivers; people to use them; training and maintenance - GPS satellite costs are only limited to the cost of message traffic. This is because the rest of the service is provided by the vendors, making it a less expensive proposition, especially when compared to infrastructure, maintenance, handheld readers and personnel costs, for example.

The speed, accuracy and availability of all the data - on-the-go - will play to the benefit of all stakeholders, and to the security of the ports and terminals involved as well as, by extension, the community as a whole.

Zenatek specialises in information and communication technology (ICT), creating innovative solutions to enhance your work and improve security. It successfully works in all areas of applications including software architecture, set-up for transmitting data and signs, collaborative circles and high-level management systems.

The company is dedicated to investing in the necessary resources to keep up with market demand and committed to continual technological research. Zenatek is a true partner with the knowledge and technical competence.

Zenatek is composed of three companies; Zentatek S.a.r.l. based in Monaco, Zenatek Inc based in New York and Zenatek S.p.A. based in Italy, giving Zenatek a truly global presence and making it the partner of choice for organisations seeking to keep control of the distribution and logistics processes of their shipments.

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